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Subject TC3: proposal - server adapters and connector
Date Sat, 16 Sep 2000 20:14:31 GMT

I did ( another ) refactoring of tomcat.service, and I would like to
ask you on your opinion and vote. 

I'll check in the new code ( as it doesn't affect existing functionality),
please review and let me know if we can deprecate and remove the old

What changes:
1. Interceptors are the extension mechanism of tomcat. The will also be
used for server adapters. This eliminates the "connector" layer.

2. The old ConnectionHandler will extend BaseIntercetor and will be
able to participate in all steps of the request processing. That means
Ajp13 or JNI will be able to ask the server to authenticate ( or map,
authorize, etc). The protocol will also have access to all server and
context events ( in case someone is interested in dynamic server
reconfiguration ). ( and also we can do a very clean implementation of ssl
auth !)

3. The configuration will no longer use <property name="" value=""/>, but
the adapter will have consistent configuration with the rest of tomcat 
( i.e. normal  name="value" and bean setters )

4. <Connector> will be deprecated. Normal <Interceptor> tag will be used
( and it will also be easier to document and detect the parameters of each
using a DTD or introspection ). That will simplify configuration and

5. In order to allow a smooth transition, the current code will remain
until the new code is stable. All new connection interceptors will go to

I think this is an improvement in tomcat's architecture - please let me
know your opinion.



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