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Subject RE: WEB-INF classloading and on the fly compilation
Date Sat, 16 Sep 2000 07:38:12 GMT
> Sorry, but that really sounds narrow minded. 
> There are just too many problems that can be solved trough dynamic 
> code generation (besides JSPs, XSLTs and template mechanisms) and 
> having to put source code on the disk does not make things easier.

Doesn't it ? Is it simpler to change both the compiler and probably all
the tools ? Compiling from streams to streams is simple to implement ? 
> Such an abstraction (e.g.: compiling from streams into streams) is
> simple to implement in an existing Java compiler and could bring 
> great benefits.
> Why dismiss it?
> You do not have to implement it, but why not encourage does who do?

I just tried to point the differences between an web app environment and a
general development environment.

My goal is to implement a server where webapps can be deployed in real
sandboxes, like applets in browsers. If Cocoon and other web-development
environments will go this way ( putting too much complexity 
inside the web app and expecting it to work ) than the whole security will
be useless - you'll have a sandbox but nothing will be able to run inside. 

I am also interested in performance - and I don't like the idea of running
3-4 compiler instances at the same time ( or even 1 ! ) on a production
site. In most cases this can be avoided by compiling at deployment time. 
Yes, I use to compile Apache from sources - but I wouldn't do it at
runtime while it is serving pages. 

I hope that letting people know about my concerns doesn't hurt - it
may be something they haven't considered. Or they can easily ignore me.


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