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Subject Re: WEB-INF classloading and on the fly compilation
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 23:34:48 GMT
> > I dont undertsand completely the thing, are you speaking about 4.0 ??,
> > until now tomcat 3.x compiles on the fly without problems i think, or
> > this a Servlet 2.3 related issue???
> On Tomcat 3.x things go right because the JSP engine is tied to Tomcat.
> JavaC is invoked specifying in its "classpath" (command line option)
> where to find those classes.
> If we want to _truly_ have a JSP WEB-APP (no, not hacked up into the
> servlet engine, wich controls what are the paths), there is no way for
> it to find the WAR location or the JAR contained in WEB-INF/lib, unless

I don't know about "true" JSP, but a portable web application shouldn't
rely on the fact that almost all servlet containers are unsecure.

It is perfectly legal for a container to restrict web applications in a
sandbox ( tomcat can do that if you use JDK1.2). That means no javac will
ever work in a secure container. 

> The compiler, instead of relying on files, should rely on classloaders.
> I don't know whether this is possible, but it's the only way to have
> really portable on-the-fly compilation from within a WEB-APP...

Maybe the web-app shouldn't even try to act as a development environment. 


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