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Subject Re: ApJServ directives *must* have been documented by *now*... right?
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 16:30:38 GMT
> 1 - please for the new code let's try to document what's in there, i can
> tell you that it's _really_hard_ to understand what goes on when code is
> uncommented (and this is a reminder for me too!). too bad that in C we
> don't have something like JavaDoc...


And of course, I want to add: cleaner design and better modularization
are as important as allways - and will require less work documenting :-)

On a related subject, I started to work on the "internal" - please take a
look at src/doc/internal.html and send feedback ( i.e. "I don't understand
anything", "can you explain xyz", etc ) and maybe contributions ! Graphics
or UML would be very helpful.

> 2 - if someone has ANY kind of docs on whatever goes around mod_jserv
> and mod_jk (of course that's not on our CVS) even a 2 line description
> on why things are working in a certain way, please send it over to me,
> as i'm trying to find a way down there, and assemble a more decent
> documentation.


I haven't followed mod_jserv, but I tried to keep track of mod_jk and I'll
try to help as much as possible. I know Gal is very busy - Vasile, are you
there ? J


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