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Subject Re: mod_rewrite Interceptor - feedback please!!
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 20:37:49 GMT

I'm not sure how it works - the original request URI is re-written by
Apache, and you want the new request to be processed by tomcat? 

In this case you just need to change the fields in Request probably both
URI and servletPath. 

If you want to access both the original and the re-written URI you can use
an attribute - the spec doesn't have any mention of this ( AFAIK ) and all
rules applies to the original request. See also the discussion about
case-sensitivity ( probably a particular case of rewrite ).

> 3. Modify the HttpServletRequestFacade, so getRequestURI and related methods
> return the rewritten URI (if it exists).
>    * Pros & Cons: Don't know, but it looks good. My current favourite.

Please don't change the Facade - you can change Request/Response if you
want. The facade is supposed to have minimal functionality, and be as
simple as possible ( and we'll likely have multiple facades - one for
servlet 2.3 ).

> PS. In my efforts to work out what the hell is going on, I've knocked up a
> quick diagram which may be useful to others working on Tomcat source for the
> first time (assuming it's correct that is - can someone check it for errors?
> It's at

Excelent - can I check it in ? 


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