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Subject RE: Case Sensitivity in URLs
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 05:07:52 GMT
> >Please stop this thread- if you want the problem to be solved please
> >create a patch and make it available. 
> Will do. It may not sounds like it but I have little interest in 
> discussing its fundamental rightness or wrongness either. 

We are all programmers and our job is to resolve some
problems. And most of the time the users are right. IMHO it's a mistake to
think our tools ( and the standards we use are just tools! ) are more
important than people who use our code.

BTW, the SHOULD in the HTTP spec is not an accident - most IETF standards
I know follow the same principle of beeing tolerant in their input. 
Apache even have a module to fix spelling errors - it's certainly not part
of the HTTP specification. 
( you can check if this doesn't solve your problem BTW - it may be exactly
what you need !)


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