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Subject RE: Case Sensitivity in URLs
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 03:35:44 GMT
> expense of supporting typical deployment environments. Again, such
> a feature may be indeed inappropriate and I'll shut up about it 
> the second I hear a well-substantiated reason - 'it's a HACK' is
> not one of them. 

Please stop this thread- if you want the problem to be solved please
create a patch and make it available. 

I guess by now every commiter that is interested knows the problem
details. I will vote +1 on including the support for case insensitive if
it can be done as a module and it is disabled by default. I can't see any
reason anyone will vote -1 on this - but even if that happens you can
still post the patch on a public web site.

Arguing about what's right or wrong will not help - do whatever you have
to do to support your users ( and of course, upgrade your OS asap :-).


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