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Subject Re: <load-on-startup> patch for Tomcat 3.3
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2000 05:55:51 GMT
Hi Larry,

> I'm adding a "boolean loadingOnStartup" with getter/setter methods to
> to deal with the case where the servlet should load when
> loadOnStartup=0.


> In an effort to futher the "clean up" of Tomcat 3.3 code, should I
> remove the setLoadOnStartup(int ) and getLoadOnStartup() methods from
> since they duplicate those in  Or for
> consistency, should I add the new getter/setter methods to
> too?  Or, do you have additional plans for these
> files such that I should wait?

Please don't wait, any clean up is good :-)
Whatever you feel is simpler would be fine.

Handler is a bit more important since it's in core and can be used
by other facades and it's used by internal code ( in order to avoid going 
through facades and back ). 

SerlvetWrapper is in a bad shape, probably needs a clean start. Right now
IMHO it is better to just leave it as it is in the 2.2 facade. Of course,
if you have the time or wish - I would be happy to see it replaced or

I just hope to get some help on refactoring it in the 2.3 facade ( well,
I would rather help anyone who wants to  do that - I have few deadlines
and I want to finish some other things I started ). Implementing servlet
2.3 in a better way would be really great ( and I already messed the 2.2
implementation - a fresh look would be far better :-) 

I know implementing the spec is tricky, but it's very cool also. 


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