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Subject Re: Tomcat 3.2 beta3?
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2000 18:49:08 GMT
> Isn't the contents of the Tomcat lib directory pretty stable at this
> point? Do we really need this "auto lib dir" functionality? I would like
> to see Tomcat 3.2 released ASAP and don't want to hold it up unnecessarily.
> I therefore suggest we add the JAR files explicitly instead; this works
> on both NT and Windows 98, and Larry has promised to fix the BAT file.

I found "auto-lib" very useful ( for myself - I don't know how other
people are using tomcat). I use to change the parsers ( xerces, other 
versions, etc), to add jars containing new modules, etc. 

If supporting it on Windows is too difficult - I don't mind a "static" 
classpath ( with instructions on how to change it).

For unix - please don't remove it. You can remove the documentations, 
make it optional ( if TOMCAT_AUTO is set do autosetup - it'll be an
undocumented feature if you want ). Tomcat doesn't have to be limited by 
the most limited OS it supports - after all we take advantage of NT
services ( even if they are not available on 95 or unix).

For tomcat 3.3 the classpath will be configurable in server.xml, and 
all shell scripts will disapear ( or will be very small and simple, 
basically "java -jar tomcat.jar $* " )

The new start-er can guess tomcat.home, set the classpath, parse all
options, maybe even start tomcat in background.


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