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From "marc fleury" <>
Subject RE: [jBoss-Dev] Tomcat + jBoss: ClassLoader Woes
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2000 20:41:53 GMT
>	So I suspect I can skin this cat in several ways, and I'm looking
> for any suggestions:
>  - How can I get Sun's JNDI implementation to recognize
> AdaptiveClassLoader as the current/parent ClassLoader?
>  - How can I get Sun's RMI implementation to recognize Adaptive
> ClassLoader as the current/parent ClassLoader?
>  - Are there any other ways to get this to work other than putting all the
> app classes on the Tomcat ClassPath?

Ok sebastien has got a working version of Tomcat and jboss2 right here at
Telkel.  It seems this needs serious packaging and documentation.  As we
pointed out there are also classloader issues with inVM invocations, but the
problems you describe (non InVM) we don't see.

Either way, if *you* Aaron of all people can't get it to work easily it
means we have a problem in usability and installation.  (oh wait I just see
you are crossposting, I wasn't paying attention).

Ok, there might be other ways to do this right.  When Catalina comes with
interceptor we will need the "contextClassLoader" to be set with the right
CL attached to an application (as opposed to a container, or stack of
interceptors as it is right now).

I am assigning Sebastien full time to get a product out, something
integrated.  As I mentioned we already have the "serialized" version working
(i.e. no optimization inVM == slow) but that works and putting it out is
just packaging.  The CL visibility is a bit more complex and I believe
should rely on the managing infrastructure, which for us is JMX and for the
tomcat crew is avalon (?).  I believe  that the dynamic adding and removing
of apps is a biggy too, it is working great in jboss but I have no real
insights in how this is done in Tomcat.  EAR management is going to be the
key to it all.

In any case we will report the findings and modifications to these lists.

I don't know about you guys (tomcat) but we are seeing *tremendous* demand
for this integrated stack of J2EE products, and as we said before are really
looking forward to Catalina.  However in the mean time we will try to get
the stuff with Tomcat inVM working... keep an open mind.



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