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From Larry Isaacs <>
Subject RE: Outstanding bugs before 3.2 final?
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 23:57:54 GMT
The stack traces have been restored to ExceptionHandler().

I agree that this was too big a behavior change to be committing
unilaterally.  I attribute the "act first, ask questions later" behavior
to a somewhat foggy brain.

With other things I need to do, I probably wouldn't find time to
implement the configuration setting prior to Sam's window this

If Tomcat 3.2 goes final this weekend, I'll save it for Tomcat 3.3.  If
Tomcat 3.2 doesn't go final this weekend, I think it would be worthwhile
to put in.

I would still recommend rebuilding beta5 with the other changes.  One of
them should make stack traces more useful by avoiding some of the
IllegalStateExceptions that have been getting thrown on top of the
real exceptions.


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From: Alex Chaffee
Sent: 9/21/00 4:37 PM
Subject: Re: Outstanding bugs before 3.2 final?

On Thu, Sep 21, 2000 at 03:10:08PM -0400, Larry Isaacs wrote:
> I'll admit I may have overstepped a bit, going for a quick fix
> giving security the priority over ease of development.  I
> didn't think I had time work out a configuration parameter
> for server.xml.

It's an understandable urge, and very common, which is why
feature-freeze policies have to be applied objectively.  Even though
you consider it a bug, it's really changing existing behavior, thus a
feature change.

> IMHO, being able to easily guarantee that stack traces can't
> occur is serious enough that it should be addressed in
> Tomcat 3.2.

Again, trying to be objective:  This 'bug' hasn't hurt anyone so far,
hasn't interfered with any existing applications, and hasn't been used
to mount an attack (successful or otherwise) on any real or imaginary
Tomcat installation -- in those terms it's certainly not serious.

Let's start another thread to discuss the error-reporting behavior
(descriptive and normative) and leave this one focused on what to do
for the 3.2 release.

> So, I willing to go with the majority.  I can roll the stack
> traces back into the default handling, or continue modifications
> to add a configuration parameter to server.xml.  What is the
> feeling on this?

Please roll back changes, then we will have time to discuss where and
how the parameter should work, what it should be called, whether it
applies to logs as well as servlets as well as JSPs, and so on. 

> I would assume that Tomcat 3.2 won't get any maintenance
> releases the same as Tomcat 3.1.  I'm reluctant to just
> let Tomcat 3.2 ship because it isn't clear when Tomcat 3.3
> will be ready.  ...

This is a slippery slope and is not good enough to hold up 3.2 any

  - A


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