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From Garrett Serack - x3 <>
Subject RE: Java code generation tomcat JSP's
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 21:05:26 GMT
> I'm all for making the generated code cleaner, but I don't think
> anyone is working on that specifically right now.  I'm sure any work
> you do (e.g. putting more code into the superclass or helper classes,
> or using object pools) would be greatly appreciated.  (Note
> org.apache.tomcat.util.SimplePool for a simple thread-safe object pool
> base class.)

Alrighty. Well, after I reach the milestone on the project that I'm on, I'm 
going to start tackling cleaning up the JSP emitter some.  I haven't looked
closely at the overall arch of the way Tomcat is built, but it seems fairly
straightforward to me so far.

Is there any "read--before you start coding" type docs for
Jakarta/Tomcat/Jasper ?
I just don't want to step on any toes...

> One comment:
> > 3. is there a way to make Tomcat not emit the comments into 
> the generated
> > java files?  I went thru and stripped out the comments from 
> The comments are useful for debugging, at least theoretically.  I
> wrote a patch that scans the generated Java source at runtime to find
> out the line in the .jsp that the error occured, but I don't think I
> ever checked it in because I didn't get anyone to test it with
> non-javac-1.2 compilers :-(
> Thus, if you do want to strip comments, make it a runtime option set
> in server.xml somewhere.

Absolutly. I agree that they can be useful, sometimes a lifesaver. When I
get around
to it I'll make sure there is a configuation option for it. ;)


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