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From Michael Smith <>
Subject RE: Embedding tomcat problem.
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2000 02:12:43 GMT

> From: Derek DeMoro []
> I am running on windows, and I thought this was a valid URL using
> new URL("file:/d:/tomcat/webapps/ROOT"), but maybe not.  Any
> suggestions?

Not sure exactly why you're trying to create that particular URL, but in any
case, no, it is not a valid URL.  The proper format for URLs is something


So, your file URL should really be:


(note there are three /'s because there is no host value which would appear
between the second and third slash).  

And actually, a better way to create a URL object is to use the other
constructors for URL: 

  new URL("file", null, "d:/tomcat/webapps/ROOT")

The other constructors ensure the URL is properly constructed.


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