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From Michael Percy <>
Subject ApJServ directives *must* have been documented by *now*... right?
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2000 23:27:31 GMT
I have been looking everywhere, and can barely find a speck of documentation
for the Apache directives added by mod_jserv (the ApJServ* directives). The
single piece I could find is a README archived in the Apache JServ CVS
structure which was removed [Mon Nov 9 23:52:53 1998] which documents them a
bit, but it is obsolete.

I have compiled the attached documentation for the mod_jserv directives from
bits and pieces wherever I could find them (including the source code), in
Apache-style HTML. The thing that gets me is that 90% of people running
Tomcat are still using mod_jserv, with no documentation whatsoever, probably
because that is what all the examples are written in (and AFAIK mod_jk is
not fully developed yet).

These are extremely draft docs, and I have no idea how accurate it all is.
If anyone has a few moments to correct/enhance/help with this, I would very
much appreciate it.

Michael Percy

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