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From Kirk Rasmussen <>
Subject Some questions (Servlet Init, common libraries, and controlling s tandard out/err)
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2000 20:18:57 GMT
I have a several questions about Tomcat 3.4.

1a) I was trying to deploy a servlet that has many dependencies on other
classes (e.g. TOPLink, JDBC drivers)  using the WAR method of deployment.
When it failed to load because of a missing JAR I got no error messages in
the logs at all.  Only when I tried to access the servlet from the browser
did I get an internal error message with no information (very generic 500
message).  I have the debug level set to 9 for all components.  What I would
have liked to see would be a stack trace showing me the class it was trying
to load when it failed.  Any way to do this with Tomcat 3.2 beta 4?

1b) Other than using symlinks under UNIX or changing the Java system
classpath is there a way to share JARs across multiple webapps?  For example
we have multiple webapps that share the same JDBC drivers. It seems like a
waste to have to copy that JDBC driver to each lib directory.

1c) Can I put subdirs under WEB-INF/lib to organize the JARs in some way?

2) Is there a way to control where standard out/err are sent other than from
the shell?


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