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From Daniel Kehoe <>
Subject tweak default Tomcat home page before 3.2 final
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2000 23:54:23 GMT
Before 3.2 final is released, for the default Tomcat home page at
it would be nice to add the following:
You can find more information about the Jakarta Tomcat project at:

Documentation for Tomcat is available at

For help, you may wish to subscribe to the Tomcat User List.
Subscription information is available at
User mailing list archives are available at


Perhaps it seems unnecessary to include a link to the Jakarta Tomcat 
project on the default Tomcat home page. But it's quite possible someone 
may get the Tomcat distribution without knowing about the project web site.

I believe the link to the documentation should be on the default home page 
as well. It would be nice to simply look at a README file to install and 
start Tomcat, see the default home page, and then follow a link to the 
documentation to find out more. Alternatively, the doc directory could be 
part of a web app so the docs can be read remotely via http. I know I've 
installed web servers on remote servers and not been able to easily access 
the docs except by ftp'ing files to my local machine.


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