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Subject Re: loading of classes in tomcat 3.2b4 is _sloooooow_
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 21:05:15 GMT
> Using Tomcat 3.1, Turbine starts up _really_ quickly.
> Using Tomcat 3.2b4, Turbine starts up _really_ slowly.
> Once things have initialized, everything runs very quickly.
> Turbine has a boat load of .jar files and doing some initial testing, I
> suspect that something in Tomcat changed with regards to class file loading
> because if I remove some of the .jar's that I know I'm not using then things
> speed up.
> Costin, any ideas? This is painful.

I'm afraid not - the class loader is almost the same, plus some extra
checking we need to do.

I'll try it - but I don't think there is any simple solution ( short of
replacing the loader - that's what we already did for 3.3. )
( and the reason for not doing the same in 3.2 is stability -
AdaptiveClassLoader is too well tested ).


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