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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Jasper Changes
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 19:18:53 GMT
Alex Chaffee wrote:

> Are these Jasper changes (new features / bug fixes / JSP 1.2
> additions) going to be rolled back into the Tomcat 3 Jasper source?

Anyone who wants to is welcome to do this ... I'm afraid I don't have time
(and likewise for Pierre) -- we've got deadlines for completing servlet 2.3 /
JSP 1.2 functionality that require us to focus on the 4.0 tree.

> If not, then I think it's time to spin Jasper off as a separate
> project, or at least a separate top-level subdirectory under
> jakarta-tomcat.  Then both Tomcat and Catalina will have to change
> their build process to include it.

In the migration to the "jakarta-tomcat-4.0" workspace, this has already been
functionally and technically separated (although it wasn't really advertised
all that much).

The "jakarta-tomcat-4.0" workspace has the following top level

    catalina -- The 2.3-compatible servlet container

    jasper -- The 1.2-compatible JSP container

    webapps -- The 2.3/1.2 compatible example applications

Each of these three top level subdirectories contains completely independent
build scripts, so you can build what you want and use it separately.  So, for
example, you can build a servlet container with no JSP engine by just going
into the catalina directory and doing a "build dist".  Likewise, the "jasper"
directory's "build dist" will create a JSP engine you can take anywhere that
is 2.3/1.2 compatible.

There are also convenience scripts at the top level directory that combine
everything to create the combination of features that make up Tomcat as a
whole (servlet container + JSP engine + example webapps).  But you are
welcome to pick and choose the pieces you want independently.

> Remember, we want Jasper to work with any servlet engine, including
> Tomcat 3, and including other Servlet 2.2 containers.

There are two gotchas to this portability goal:

* The new Jasper code requires Servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2 support, so it
  won't run on 2.2 containers.

* Although there are zero code dependencies between Jasper and Catalina,
  there is a dependency on setting a servlet context attribute correctly to
  pass the webapp classpath to the Jasper servlet.  This same dependency
  (plus some code dependencies) is currently present in Tomcat 3.x.

However, Jasper should run fine on any 2.3 container that is hacked to set
the right context attributes.  And Jon is free to package Catalina (without
Jasper) with any page template language he wants :-).

>  - Alex


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