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From Bob Jamison <>
Subject Minor things in Tomcat-4.0 build.xml
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2000 14:39:32 GMT
Hi all,

I have been checking out and building tomcat-4.0 lately, and I
just thought I would point out a few minor typos in the
build.xml files.

1.  In <toplevel>/build.xml and catalina/build.xml, regexp.jar's location is:

  <property name="regexp.jar"      value="${regexp.home}/bin/jakarta-regexp-1.1.jar"/>

Apparently is has moved in the nightly .zip and it now appears to be:

  <property name="regexp.jar"      value="${regexp.home}/jakarta-regexp-1.1.jar"/>

2.  Also, the name "jaxp.jar" no longer exists in build.xml, so I changed the javac
command in catalina/build.xml from

<javac   srcdir="src/share" destdir="${}/classes"


         deprecation="off" debug="on" optimize="off" target="1.2"


<javac   srcdir="src/share" destdir="${}/classes"


         deprecation="off" debug="on" optimize="off" target="1.2"

3.  However, since Ant needs xerces.jar to run in the first place, then this might
be redundant, since xerces.jar will need to be in the CLASSPATH.  If so, then possibly
the files should have the CP variable as:


These three items are sufficient for me to do builds on Irix 6.5.2, which I
would consider to be almost a worst-case scenario, as far as portability goes.
I'm not saying I don't love SGI's, but their Java support is lagging somewhat.

Bob Jamison
LinCom Corp

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