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From Jonas Bosson <>
Subject Cocoon interceptor inside Tomcat?
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2000 11:15:12 GMT

I'm starting to investigate the possibility of creating a cocoon 
 interceptor in tomcat.

This would:
* enable XML from dynamic content / servlets (pipe to formatter)
* use features in IE5/XML-browser and at the same time produce 
   html to other browsers
* greatly improve XML possibilities

Work needed:
* Intercept output stream at beforeBody (if type=xml/type -> change
  output to a buffer) actually before any headers have been sent, 
  since we might want to change content type.
  (possibly intercept at setContentType?)

* Read the buffer instead of the XML file in Cocoon and set the 
  response output to the output of the intercepted app.

Has this been done/are any work in progress?
Another option is to create the same in Apache, but that would 
include a rewrite of cocoon into C/C++.

best regards,
Jonas, IllumiNet

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