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From Scott Stocker <>
Subject Accessing environment variables within TomCat
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2000 01:01:29 GMT
Hi -

We have a special Apache module to authenticate users with Kerberos
which sets some environment variables that contain the username, name,
etc.   I need to access the values of these environment variablesin my
servlets.  Using JServ, I was able to access them with the following:
(where request is my HttpServletRequest)

request.getAttribute("org.apache.jserv.SU_AUTH_USER");  // SU_AUTH_USER
is the environment variable that is set by our Apache module

This doesn't work using mod_jk with Tomcat.  It  returns null.

Is there a way to access environment variables such as this with
mod_jk?  Can someone send me instructions on how to set this up?


Scott Stocker
Software Developer
Stanford University

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