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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Case Sensitivity in URLs (was RE: BugRat Report #92 w
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 20:18:17 GMT
Jonathan Pierce wrote:

> >>Fact is if you "get your
> >>way" with issue it's going to cause porblems for me later when I have to
> >>port your ".war" to UNIX, Netware or AS400, all of which run Tomcat, btw.
> I don't see how case-insensitive content in war files will cause portability
> problems. If your environment is case-sensitive, it will continue to serve
> case-insensitive content ignoring the content case.

Consider that you have two JSP pages in the top-level "directory" of the WAR


and your "index.jsp" page has a link like this in it:

    <a href="MENU.JSP">Main Menu</a>

This would work as expected on a case insensitive platform (assuming that the
proposed change were made), but would return "file not found" errors on a case
sensitive platform.  Thus, the WAR file is not portable.

Going the other direction is not a problem, unless you happen to use two
different filenames that differ only in case -- which seems to be a quite rare

Craig McClanahan

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