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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Why are some header values hidden in ?
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 20:13:12 GMT
Bernd Eilers wrote:

> Hi there !
> I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature, so a Question to the
> in Catalina
> Why is it that hides some informations send in the
> HTTP request to the servlet API and as such makes it impossible for a
> servlet to reconstruct the original Request ?
> Example for why this is at least a undisirable "feature" is the following
> Servlet API use:
> Implement a servlet that runs in a webserver before the firewall and
> forwards the request (probably a little bit modified) to annother
> webserver in the intranet.
> More detailed questions:
> What is the reason to exclude the "authorisation" header by the following
> code ?
> if (!match.equals("authorisation"))
>         request.addHeader(name,value);

The concern in this case was that the user credentials might get
inadvertently exposed -- for example, if you were running SnoopServlet under
the protection of a security constraint.  The philosophy behind this is that
container managed security should be totally transparent to applications.

For your particular scenario, you can find out the username
(request.getRemoteUser()) -- you just cannot find the password.  However, it
does make your use case pretty difficult to implement.  What would you think
about a configurable parameter that defaults to suppressing this header, but
allows you to change this if you need it?

> And what is the reason for excluding the jsession Session ID Cookie from
> the list of cookies by using this construct ?
> if
> (cookies[i].getName().equals(org.apache.tomcat.connector.Constants.Sessi
> onCookie))
> // ...
> else
> request.addCookie(cookies[i]);

A similar philosophical reason -- container session management should also be
transparent.  For your "proxy" use case, it seems like a configurable option
for this would also solve the problem.

> Bernd


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