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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Case Sensitivity in URLs (was RE: BugRat Report #92 was closed(apparently by: Craig R.)
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 03:57:52 GMT
"Peter V. Gadjokov" wrote:

> It is allowed
> by the RFC,

But not, it would appear, by the servlet spec.  See section 10 of the
servlet 2.2 spec (or section 11 of the 2.3 draft currently in public
review).  You won't find the words "case sensitive" or "case insensitive" in
this section, but trying to read silence == permission into this it a real
stretch, given the description of the way that path mapping matching works,
and given the fact that the HTTP/1.1 spec (with the now-famous "SHOULD be
case-sensitive" wording :-) is cited as an underlying reference.

If you wish to lobby for a change so that the servlet spec would allow
case-insensitive matches, that is actually pretty timely at the moment --
since the 2.3 spec is currently in public review, it is subject to change,
based on acceptance of the recommendation by the expert group.  Feedback and
suggestions should go to the official feedback address:

Failing the success of that lobbying effort, my -1 on including this
"feature" in the official Tomcat release (even if it defaults to disabled)
remains unchanged.

> -pvg

Craig McClanahan

PS:  Nothing stops anyone from doing what Costin suggested and posting a
"user contributed patch" someplace.

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