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From Avi Kak <>
Subject Difficulties with building mod_jk for Solaris
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2000 01:35:26 GMT

The posted instructions for building do not work 
for Solaris. I am working with a just installed copy of 
Apache 1.3.12 and SunOS 5.6. The Apache server was 
installed with the DSO support compiled in.

The mod_jk-HOWTO document at the Tomcat site lists the 
following three steps for building a Solaris version of 

    1. Change directory to the apache1.3/apache2.0 source 

    2. Use apxs in the following mannr:

         apxs -o -c *.c ../jk/  *.c  -I ../jk/

    3. Copy to Apache's libexec directory.

I am assuming that by "source directory" in Step 1 is meant 
the directory


I downloaded the sources from the Tomcat site into a separate
directory.  In other words, my TOMCAT_HOME and my TOMCAT_SOURCES
are two different directories.

When I try to execute Step 2 listed above, I get the following
error message

    apxs:Break: Command failed with rc=16711680

Any help with this matter would be much appreciated!

Avi Kak

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