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From Donnchadh Ó Donnabháin <>
Subject Re: nested jsp:includes in tomcat3.2beta3
Date Sun, 10 Sep 2000 14:44:24 GMT
Larry Isaacs wrote:
> I'm not sure how your contexts are set up, but going two parents deep from /gaa-hurling/index.jsp
appears to be leaving the web application.  jsp:include uses a relative URL which isn't allowed
to leave the web application for security reasons.

 Thanks for the response and sorry for not replying sooner. I should
 have said /gaa-hurling/columnists/index.jsp instead of 
/gaa-hurling/index.jsp. Everything is within the same context. 
 The structure of the relevant parts of the context is as follows:




/gaa-hurling/columnists/index.jsp contains the following include:

<jsp:include page="../../common/rightnavs/hurlinghome.jsp" flush="true"

/common/rightnavs/hurlinghome.jsp contains the following include:

<jsp:include page="../../tips/tip.jsp" flush="true" />

> Are there parts of the URL not shown below?  A simple test I tried that stayed within
the web application worked.  If your jsp:includes aren't trying to leave the web application,
please provide more detail and I'll check further.

My main point is that if an absolute path is used, the following
 is used for the generated servlet source

whereas tomcat3.2beta3 generates a different one for each page within
 which it is included if a relative path is used e.g.


resulting in file paths which are too long.



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