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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] Nightly Builds of Tomcat 4.0-dev (pre-alpha)
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2000 22:13:27 GMT
David Geary wrote:

> I downloaded the binary distribution of Tomcat 4.0, but when I try to run
> the MS-DOS startup file in the bin directory, I get an MS-DOS window that
> appears for a split second and then disappears.

This usually means that your DOS windows are not configured with enough
for environment variables.  You can modify this by creating a config.sys
in c:\ with the following contents, and rebooting:

    shell=c:\ c:\ e:/4096 /p

You can also type this command:

    %CATALINA_HOME%\bin\catalina run

to run in the same DOS window instead of a new one.  You should then be
able to
see any error message that is produced.

NOTE 1:  The DOS command lines for starting Tomcat 3.2 and 4.0 have been
undergoing some churn lately, as we try to deal with the differences
Win98, WinNT, and W2K -- each platform exhibits different quirks; so
much for
"compatibility" :-).  Which particular platform are you trying to run
(Follow-ups to this should be sent to TOMCAT-USER only).

NOTE 2:  When released, Tomcat 4.0 will include much nicer support for
under WIndows, including a toolbar icon for starting, stopping, and
it.  Until this package is finished, we're still stuck with command line

> I'm not sure what "catalina" is (the code name for Tomcat 4.0?), but when I
> try to run the catalina MS-DOS file in the bin directory, I get the same
> result as with the startup file.

Catalina is the servlet container portion of Tomcat 4.0, to go along
Jasper (the JSP engine portion).

Tomcat = Servlets + JSP

> I have no difficulty using Tomcat 3.1 and a handful of other Web servers
> such as Resin. Can anyone shed some light on this problem?
> david


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