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Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] Nightly Builds of Tomcat 4.0-dev (pre-alpha)
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2000 07:07:55 GMT
>   Costin's recent post about his many plans for tomcat, which I
> assume to be tomcat 3.x, seems to imply that both code bases have long-term
> plans.

I can't speak about anything else, but I hope you don't mind
if I have plans for tomcat 3.x.

I think tomcat 3.x will be one of the fastest servlet containers
and (if enough people care to review the code ) it can match
the security level of applets ( for running untrusted webapps ).
It has >1 year of evolution behind it - even if almost all
code has beed refactored and rewritten several times, the
magic of evolution seems to work  - all of the original
ideas are still here, and a lot of code not-so-fit disapeared.

If people think it has a good design and it's going in the
right direction probably it will have some long-term future.
That's the magic of open source.


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