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From Pierre Delisle <>
Subject Re: [proposal jasper] JSP pages as XML documents (long)
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2000 00:01:29 GMT
Danno Ferrin wrote:
> Right now though we need to keep in mind that some sort of a
> representation of an XJsp page from the JspParser will be needed by the
> TagLibraryValidator class in the form of an input stream for the
> equivalent XJsp document.  Perhaps we should be going straight for
> Craig's proposal rather than do a first pass on the XML support, because
> I don't want to implement a solution that architecturally we would need
> to throw away.
> What do you think of re-factoring Japser in place into the
> Parser/Validator-Transformer/Generator/Compiler/Deployer sequence with
> the appropriate pass off objects first?

Personally, I'd like to play it safe. As I mentioned in my proposal,
while the end-goal is to re-architect jasper according to the
architecture proposal put forward by Craig, the short term goal is to
have JSP1.2 compliance as soon as possible, while minimizing changes
to ensure stability. 

Craig has mentioned a beta release of approx 10/20. We 
need to be feature complete by then. I would not want
to delay the beta release because of architectural issues.

My current proposal plugs as much as possible into
what already exists and the work is quite straightforward.
I suggest we get it done quickly (along with the new changes
in the spec), learn from it, and then (or even in parallel) 
move to a new architecture where the cleanup of the code 
base can be more exhaustive, and where all appropriate 
discussions can take place without time pressure.

    -- Pierre

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