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From pb <>
Subject Re: OT WAR files.
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2000 23:26:48 GMT

Gidday George

as an example i will use our org.jutil classes used in our
jutil-web-services.war file
first you need your file in the proper dirs

jsp/ html files in c:\org.jutil\jutil-web-services\dist
or in c:\org.jutil\jutil-web-services\dist\jsp

txt, xml, property files in c:\org.jutil\jutil-web-services\dist\web-inf
class, resource property files in 
jar files in c:\org.jutil\jutil-web-services\dist\web-inf\lib

// change to parent directory
cd c:\org.jutil\jutil-web-services
// jar the war file
jar cfv c:\org.jutil\jutil-web-services\jutil-web-services.war *.*

done easy as that.

I have attached the the bat file I use to setup my files and jar the war

cheers pb...

> "Voronoff, George" wrote:
> I know this is a lame question and off topic.
> How do I create a war file?  Can someone point
> me at some doc please.
> Thanx


Peter Blakeley
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