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From Vjeran Marcinko <>
Subject WAR unpacking in 3.2betas
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2000 08:25:27 GMT
Hi there.
I just wanna ask is there something wrong with
WAR unpacking in 3.2 beta versions of Tomcat or what?
I am using IBM JDK1.1.8 on Windows 98 and NT.
I have downloaded few beta versions of Tomcat (including
latest beta5) and it cannot unpack WAR files in
/webapps directory.
Everything was OK in version 3.1.
3.2 Beta versions start to create directories (test,examples...)
and then they give me some FileNotFound errors and directories
stay empty.

Hope this problem wan't appear in final version of 3.2.

-Vjeran Marcinko

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