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From Amy Lewis <>
Subject SSLSocketFactory in 3.2b5 not included in jar?
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 20:19:58 GMT
I've got the binary zip of 3.2b5; in attempting to test SSL, I get
ClassDefNotFound.  Sure enough, looking inside webserver.jar, there are only
two class files in the net directory (and neither of them is
SSLSocketFactory).  However, SSLSocketFactory *is* in

I can pull down the source (but, oh, *sigh*, our team hasn't made the
transition to ant yet, and I don't know the system at all) and recompile,
but is this a policy issue?  Will it be left out of the release build as
well?  I'm hoping to see a final soon, but that's largely so that we can use
the SSL facilities, which are fairly critical to our needs.

Amelia A. Lewis

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