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From Arieh Markel <>
Subject Re: Embedding Tomcat How To?
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2000 20:03:08 GMT

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> From: Paul Hethmon <>
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> Subject: Embedding Tomcat How To?
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> Hi,
> Been lurking and listening for a while now, been searching
> faq's, newsgroups, and the mailing list archives. What I'm
> looking for are any docs or howto's on embedding Tomcat?

There is a class

that provides a good starting point.

Some alternatives (one of which we have in our implementation), use
mechanisms similar to the ones in the class mentioned, but it also uses
a server.xml file (which provides the flexibility of changing the
configuration from the file, as opposed to driving it programmatically).

Alternately, it should be possible to drive the configuration of
an EmbededTomcat modification from System properties.

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