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From Amy Lewis <>
Subject Build issues looking toward 3.2 final (SSL, process)
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 04:11:36 GMT
Thanks to the person who answered that the normal build does not
include SSL support.  It appears, then, that this is a policy issue.

So I'd like to request that, when 3.2 goes final, two builds be made
for tomcat itself, if the default is no SSL.  The primary reason is in
the next paragraph, which I hope will also be addressed.  I'd like to
see an additional build that includes SSL
(jakarta-tomcat-ssl.{tar.{gz,Z},zip}), so that administrators who want
to install and use Tomcat's secure sockets facility are not required to
obtain the source, guess what is needed to get an SSL build, and then
build it.  An alternative might be to provide an "SSL updater" that
could stuff the extra file (there's only one extra file needed?) into
the jar, or just the SSL-enabled webserver.jar alone (get
jakarta-tomcat, plus jakarta-tomcat-ssl, and install in the proper
order, to get SSL capabilities).

With respect, Tomcat seems to lack a useful "how to get started" build
overview (have I missed it?  If so, could someone give me a pointer,
and consider how to make the pointer more visible to others as well?). 
By examining the CVS page, I figured out that I needed -ant and
-servletapi as well as -tomcat; I grabbed -tools on the chance that I
might need it as well.  And I *still* couldn't get anything to build
for quite some time.  I ended up using the "break it until you make it"

Apparently, the requirements for an ant build are that parser.jar and
jaxp.jar must be in the path; the jakarta-tools dir must also be a
sibling, but doesn't include these files (which are made as part of
tomcat ...), though it does add one jar from that directory to the
path.  The projectx jar may also be required; I'm not quite quite sure. 
The extensions directory (jre/lib/ext) is an acceptable location for
ant.  JAVA_HOME must be set.  At that point, I believe, bootstrap
works.  The build for servletapi works with these settings as well. 
The build for tomcat, though, demands that jaxp.jar and parser.jar both
be in a sibling directory named jaxp1.0.1.  I didn't see a pointer to
where this may be obtained, immediately.  Once that is done, tomcat
builds, without SSL.  It will build with SSL if the three jsse jars are
in the path (or the extensions directory); there isn't any indication
of the difference except a difference in the number of files being

Build instructions would be awfully nice, since it's quite possible
that newcomers to building tomcat may also be newcomers to building
via ant, and if the default distribution lacks SSL support, may be
under time pressures to add that in (it's an interesting enough
challenge by itself, as a matter of fact).  SSL support is an
*extremely* attractive feature in 3.2, so I'd venture to predict that
you will see a large number of folks picking it up for that reason
alone (it means being able to set up a secure server with tomcat alone,
no worries about integration with another webserver--significant
reduction in complexity which, alone, makes it a better platform for
testing web apps that need secure sockets support).

I hope I haven't offended.  I'd offer to write some sort of build
instructions, but as a total novice with ant, I have severe doubts
about my ability to do even a marginally acceptable job.


Amelia A. Lewis
I know you don't want either to give or to take.  You've tried being the
giver, and you've found that the giver is always fooled.  And you won't be
the taker, because that's very difficult, and because you know that the
taker always ends by hating the giver.  You don't want ever again to have to
depend for happiness on another person.
						-- Lord Peter Wimsey

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