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From Alex Chaffee <>
Subject Re: Jasper Changes
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 23:52:43 GMT
On Thu, Sep 21, 2000 at 03:42:31PM -0700, Craig R. McClanahan wrote:
> Alex Chaffee wrote:
> > OK, everyone likes the spin-off idea in theory.  Now, before I open up
> > Craig's gotchas, let me ask:
> >
> > Should it live in
> >
> > 1) jakarta-tomcat/jasper
> > 2) jakarta-tomcat-4.0/jasper
> > 3) jakarta-jasper/
> >
> > I vote for 3.  How hard is it to set up a new repository?
> >
> Does 3 accomplish something fundamentally important that 2 doesn't, or is this just
> for show?  :-)

Yes, it reinforces the fact that Jasper is a separate product from
either version of Tomcat, and diminishes the temptation to submit bug
fixes and (non-spec-oriented) feature additions to one or the other
source tree (excluding the other and leading to source fragmentation).


As for the rest of your message -- I may have time to reply in more
detail later but --

Given that JSP 1.1 files should run flawlessly in a JSP 1.2 container,
the only obstacle I see to merging the two is the classfile
dependencies on the Servlet 2.3 container.  

If these cannot be resolved programmatically (and I have a sinking
feeling they can't), then I propose a version-numbering sort of code

Jasper 1.0 is declared to be the version that shipped with Tomcat 3.x,
and supports JSP 1.1 and can be deployed on a Servlet 2.2 container

Jasper 2.0 is declared to be the current code base, supporting JSP 1.2
and requiring Servlets 2.3

Each version will have a build option, selectable at
build.bat/ time

Until and unless Tomcat 3.x supports a 2.3 facade, it will continue to
ship with Jasper 1.0 (the included jasper.jar will be version 1.0)

At the time Tomcat 3.x gets a facade, it will switch to shipping with
Jasper 2.0 (the included jasper.jar will be version 2.0)

Unfortunately, this still leads to fragmentation :-( 

 - A

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