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From Richard Evans <>
Subject Splitting up a web app?
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2000 16:16:42 GMT
We have an existing web directory structure which has web pages in one place
(shared amongst several web apps), and servlet classes in a couple of other
locations (again shared).  I wanted to use tomcat with this structure but the
api 2.2 webapp mechanism seemed too restrictive.

So I added a couple of new attributes to the <Context> tag to allow for
additional class repositories and a web page page different from the
docBase. A few new methods in 


and a change to a couple of methods in the same file was all that was needed.

Now, is this a bad thing?  Could it ever get into standard Tomcat?

I can send patches if anyone is interested, but I'd like to gauge how useful
the mod is.  For us it made it really practical to use tomcat.


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