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From BugRat Mail System <>
Subject BugRat Report #110 has been filed.
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 18:51:49 GMT
Bug report #110 has just been filed.

You can view the report at the following URL:


REPORT #110 Details.

Project: Tomcat
Category: Feature Requests
SubCategory: Enhancement
Class: swbug
State: received
Priority: high
Severity: serious
Confidence: public
   Release: 3.1
   JVM Release: SE linux1.3.0b7
   Operating System: linux
   OS Release: 2.2
   Platform: i686

entire org.apache.tomcat.util package locks up under load

The use of the StringManager.getManager() that is everywhere in that package makes every thread
compete for the lock of that class. The only reason I can see why that method is synchronized
in the first place is to prevent duplicate loads of the same ResourceBundle (which would later
be garbagecollected anyway...). Therefore either

a) remove the synchronization of StringManager.getManager()
b) pass the manager around within the package

Please note that this method is called MANY times by each thread when writing the reponse.

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