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From (Jonathan Pierce)
Subject Re[2]: BugRat Report #92 was closed (apparently by: Craig R.
Date Sat, 09 Sep 2000 00:23:38 GMT
According to the html 4.0 spec:

"There may be URIs, or parts of URIs, where case doesn't matter (e.g., machine
names), but identifying these may not be easy. Users should always consider that
URIs are case-sensitive (to be on the safe side)."

This sounds to me like it is not required that URLs be case sensitive, only that
users should assume that they are just in case.

It wouldn't hurt to support case-insensivity for the part of the URL that
precedes the context on file systems such as NT which are not case sensitive.
Maybe there could be a configurable option as to whether or not to enforce case
for the part of the url that precedes the context.


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Subject:    Re: BugRat Report #92 was closed (apparently by: Craig R. Mc
Date:       9/8/00 5:17 PM

Jonathan Pierce wrote:

> Paths on NT are not case sensitive.

Agreed, but that's not the point.  Resource paths used in HTTP are case

> Only the part of the URL after the /servlet needs to be case sensitive.

How do you figure that?  From the point of view of HTTP, the context path and
"/servlet" prefix are part of the resource path -- the protocol makes absolutely
distinction between it and the remainder of the path.

If HTTP were a MIcrosoft-only protocol, I'd be in agreement with you.  But it's
not.  Tomcat needs to play by the official specification's rules.

> This also causes a problem when configuring Tomcat to startup as a service if
> the app directory parameter is not typed in the correct case.

Is there something so terribly hard about typing it in the correct case when you
run into this?  :-)

> Can this be changed to support case insensitivity for the part of the part
> precedes the context?

Can it be changed?  Sure.  Will it be changed?  Not in the official
if my -1 counts for anything (which it does).

Because this is open source, you are welcome to create yourself a patch to make
your version of Tomcat non-standard in this respect.  But you're not going to
the performance impact this has on figuring out what webapp a request belongs
or what servlet to execute.

> Jonathan

Craig McClanahan

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