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From "Larry Isaacs" <>
Subject Updated Windows batch files for Tomcat 3.2
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2000 12:20:40 GMT
Here is an updated set of batch files for Tomcat 3.2 for anybody who wants to try them.  The
primary improvement over the last set is that it incorporates a suggestion by Hans Bergsten
that detects if setting CLASSPATH dynamically fails and sets it statically instead.

The failure occurs on Win9x systems when you use long names in TOMCAT_HOME.  If you want to
set CLASSPATH dynamically on Win9x with TOMCAT_HOME specified, use only DOS 8.3 names in TOMCAT_HOME.

Also, tomcatEnv.bat is included this time.

If no problems are found, I'll commit these files this afternoon.


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