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From "Allen Akers" <>
Subject Re: jsp include
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2000 15:25:49 GMT
The entire value for the page property must be a Java expression or it won't work.  What you
need to do is something like the following:

<% String includePage = "Hello.jsp?Fldr="+FolderHere1 %> // assuming FolderHere1 has
already been defined
<jsp:include page="<%=includePage%>" flush="true" />

I tested this and it should work.

You could also do the following if you don't want to add in the extra line, but it looks a
little messy to me.

<jsp:include page="<%=\"Hello.jsp?Fldr=\"+FolderHere1%>" flush="true" />

Hope this helps.

               Allen Akers
               Programmer Analyst
               Strategic Web and Voice Development

>>> 08/08/00 10:25AM >>>

When using the following statement inside a jsp page:
<jsp:include page="Hello.jsp?Fldr=<%=FolderHere1%>" flush="true" />

I get the following error message: Error: Attempt to clear a buffer that's already been

Anybody has suggestions about how to solve or work around that problem?
Thanks in advance for any help,
Sebastien Payette

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