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Subject Re: Building 3.2
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2000 23:31:22 GMT

> How does a developer go about building the "best" source code for what will be
> Tomcat 3.2 Final? I downloaded the jakarta-tomcat module tagged with "tomcat_32"
> and it is ripe with errors. Classes that should be interfaces that are not, 100s
> of errors, and so on.

Proably something is wrong with your build environment - make sure you use
the right version of ant and servletapi. 3.2 is "stable" for at least 2
months, with only minimal bug fixes checked in - I can't see how it could
get "100"s of error or anything like that. 

( I do read the cvs commits for 3.2 - and I hope most of the commiters do
that too, and at least few people are working with 3.2 and build from
sources )

> Just trying to work with something that may be considered stable, yet has most
> of the fixes. Are Remy's "beta" builds available anywhere?

Sam's ? 


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