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Subject Re: More on changes from 3.1 to 3.2 - how to do it now ?
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2000 17:16:36 GMT
>   (I understand, following a reply from Costin, that access to the internals
>   could be done once my webapp is 'trusted' and I access the FacadeManager
>   through the FacadeManager.FACADE_ATTRIBUTE property, just that I have not
>   figured out what object includes those properties - I know it is not
>   the servlet itself).


"Trusted" is the keyword - if your webapp is not deployed with trusted
attribute it will get null.

> . under 3.1 my application needs to perform redirections to other servlets
>   based on path_info information.
>   The RequestDispatcher is no longer available on the Context object.
>   What would be the way to access a RequestDispatcher based on a
>   HttpServletRequest ?

Just use the normal servlet API. 

> . previously the ServletContextFacade provided access to the RealContext()
>   method.
>   Now, the only way to get to the Facades is through the FacadeManager, but
>   its method require a Request to be passed.

 In init() you have access to ServletContext, and you can get the
FacadeManager attribute. You can call getRealContext( ServletContext ) to 
get the Context.


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