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Subject Any JDBC servlet docs ?
Date Mon, 28 Aug 2000 15:44:00 GMT
I want to know that,  I am using TOMCAT 3.1 as addon to apache on IBM AIX
4.2.1( a flavour of UNIX). I have configured TOMCAT to work as an addon to
apache .Tomcat is now successfully servicing servlet requests .However, I have
a servlet that uses JDBC to connect to a database .However whn it tries to
make a connection to the database a SQLException is thrown and its message
reads ....... No suitable driver. I have tried to obtain the JDBC package from
ORACLE Inc. for the correct version of Oracle Database which is 7.3.4 .

The JDBC is in the form of three files  and there names are :

I don't know where to place these files and what is to be given as PATH ,
LD_LIBRARY_PATH etc. in the .profile Can somebody please help me with this  ?
I would appreciate somebody pointing out some documentation regarding
deploying JDBC usinf servlets on TOMCAT.

Thanks and regards ,

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