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From Andrew Cowie <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 3.1 load balancing works with one gotcha.
Date Mon, 21 Aug 2000 20:28:37 GMT
> please dont fiddle with unless necessary.
> it took a loong time to get that code
> right.

Is it mod_jserv which prevents you from using the root context, or code in
Tomcat? Either way, where? I'd be surprised if you said mod_jserv; I
certainly didn't see anything about that in there, and it's Tomcat that's
failing to append the JSERV_ROUTE to the JSESSIONID cookie which is causing
stickiness to fail.

We are going to try out Joseph's suggestions tonight to see if that will do
it; assuming it does, the next step will be to try and come up with a patch
to re-enable root context load balancing. Frankly, we only need one (the
root) context and not making this user-configurable seems a bit draconian.
If such a thing would be of interest to the community then we can try to
approach it with an eye to being configurable.


Andrew Frederick Cowie
Director of Operations
Upoc, Inc

cell: 917-217-4578  office: 212-405-1044

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