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From Andrew Cowie <>
Subject RE: No sticky sessions (Re: Load Balancing)
Date Mon, 21 Aug 2000 18:48:46 GMT wrote:

> ugh. can we leave it the way it is ? its a really bad idea to 
> fiddle with
> fairly complex C code and leave it untested/partially tested two weeks
> before release...or at least have the option of removing the
> sticky load balancing like JServ thingy...its does do sticky 
> stuff with
> the same servlet...just not with more than 1 servlet. 

Why not fix it? Mod_jserv has been imported into Tomcat. The code to support
it has been written. But it seems it's not just us:

Joseph Chiu [] wrote:

> Eep.  After digging around the source quite a bit more, I 
> partly retract the
> part where I said "the mechanism that tacks on the jvmRoute 
> is missing".  I
> see that there's code that sets the jvmRoute string to the 
> JServ "Route"
> value...
> BUT, somehow, the session cookie still doesn't tack on the jvmRoute
> string...  Sooooo, can anyone point me to how I can get the 
> JServ route
> suffix in my session cookies, please?

Clearly something just isn't quite right - but it's very close.

As for whether or not an architecture with multiple web servers and multiple
servlet machines is supported:

mod_jserv's load_balancing is clearly designed with both multiple apache
servers and multiple servlets (in this case JServs) in mind. Have a look at
Bernard Bernstein and Jean-Luc Rochat's excellent paper:

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