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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: some mod_jk questions/proposals
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2000 04:35:39 GMT
Alex Chaffee wrote:
> 3. The organization of the native directory is a little weird; we have
>   apache (empty except for subdirectories, of which only jserv is not empty)
>   apache/jserv
>   apache/connectors (empty)
>   apache/modules (empty)
>   apache1.3/  (containing mod_jk makefile and checked-in .o files (??))
>   apache2.0/  (also containing mod_jk makefile and checked-in .o files (??))
>   jk/ (containing mod_jk source)
> So, three top-level directories for mod_jk, and a buried subdirectory
> for jserv.
> Any objection to reorganizing this to
>   src/native/mod_jserv  (jserv source code)
>   src/native/mod_jk  (jk source code)
>   src/native/mod_jk/apache1.3  (containing 1.3-specific files if necessary)
>   src/native/mod_jk/apache2.0  (containing 2.0-specific files if necessary)
> If someone can manipulate the files on locus, we could do this while
> keeping the revision history intact.

Yep... I agree... That part of Tomcat is really wild. Also if we
consider the utility native code to start Tomcat as an NT service (for


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