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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject [PROPOSALS] Three Proposals for Development of Tomcat 4.0
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2000 06:04:02 GMT
As the time approaches when the initial public drafts of the Servlet 2.3
and JSP 1.2 specifications will become available, it is appropriate for
the TOMCAT-DEV development community to discuss and decide how we are
going to deal with the implementation of the changes required to support
these specifications.  According to the revision numbering scheme that
was agreed to when Jakarta was initially launched, changes to the
supported specification versions would correspond to a change in the
major version number of Tomcat (4.0 in this particular case).

To facilitate development of Tomcat 4.0, without compromising our
ability to support and enhance the existing Tomcat 3.x code base, I am
hereby submitting three "Long Term Plan" proposals to be discussed and
voted on by the Tomcat developer community.  Rather than create
tremendously long EMAIL messages for everyone on TOMCAT-DEV, I have
checked the proposal documents into the jakarta-tomcat CVS repository in
a directory named "proposals/tomcat-4.0".

You can use the online CVS access to retrieve the current versions of
these proposals by following these links (beware that some mail readers
may wrap the fairly long URLs):

* Proposal for creation of a new CVS repository module
  named "jakarta-tomcat-4.0", and renaming the current
  CVS repository module from "jakarta-tomcat" to


* Proposal for re-architecting the Jasper JSP compiler
  to deal with feature enhancements that will be required
  by JSP 1.2, and to agree upon a set of development goals.


* Proposal to adopt the Catalina code base as the servlet
  container code for Tomcat 4.0.


Please review these proposals and feel free to comment (and vote) on
them on the TOMCAT-DEV mailling list.  There is certainly nothing cast
in concrete at this point, although we should intend to make final
decisions on these proposals in fairly short order.

Craig McClanahan

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