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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: BugRat Report #10 was closed
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2000 16:47:10 GMT
Nick Bauman wrote:

> There is an authetication system (and an audit trail:
> look in the admin section). However, the
> authentication is tied to the Servlet 2.0 spec.
> I will look into how to enable authentication and I
> will place all the committers in this group. Is there
> a list of committers?

The current list of committers for Tomcat (each can be reached by the
indicated username is as follows, in the order they
are listed in the permissions file that controls CVS write access:
   Jon Stevens (jon)
    Stefano Mazzocchi (stefano)
    Pierpaolo Fumigalli (pier)
    Costin Manolache (costin)
    Sam Ruby (rubys)
    Anil Vijendran (akv)
    Jason Hunter (jhunter)
    Preston Bannister (preston)
    Danno Ferrin (shemnon)
    Gal Shachor (shachor)
    Hans Bergsten (bergsten)
    James Todd (gonzo)
    Rajiv Mordani (mode)
    Mandar Raje (mandar)
    Harish Prabandaham (harishp)
    Arun Jamwal (arun)
    Craig McClanahan (craigmcc)
    Jean-Luc Rochat (jluc)
    Ignacio Ortega (nacho)
    Andy Riedel (ariedel)
    Justyna Horwat (horwat)
    Remy Maucherat (remm)
    Ed Korthof (ed)
    Alex Chafee (alex)
    Vasile Gaburici (gaburici)
    Petr Jiricka (jiricka)
    Pierre Delisle (pierred)
    Glenn Nielsen (glenn)

Craig McClanahan

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