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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: suggestion for XMLMapper/Setparent
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2000 17:43:45 GMT
> I would only want the requests to be offered to the one
> special interceptor and not the dozen or so default ones;
> I'm using a separate contextmanager/interceptor/connector
> at present. Do you think this makes more sense than trying
> to make it work alongside the default request handling?
> I'm working on a snapshot that is about 2 months old and am
> getting a creepy feeling that I'm missing out on many useful
> improvements.

I guess it would be better to wait a bit - I'm reviewing all interfaces
and classes for tomcat 3.3, and we'll probably have few major
changes ( many improvements were too dangerous for 3.2 ).

The code in the main branch will be unstable until all the
changes settle down - probably few weeks.  If you have something
that works for you - don't change :-)

In general ContextManager is not supposed to change -
the normal extension mechanism is to use Interceptors.
Most of the time we deal with normal requests - if you have
a special case it would be very interesting to learn about it
and try to improve the architecture so we can handle it.
Either by extending Interceptors, providing more callbacks
or different semantics ( for example implement the same
mechanism as in apache hooks - it seems apache 2.0 is now
able to handle other protocols by using the same extension
mechansim we use ).

Again - if extending CM works for now - don't change it,
maybe just make sure it works on 3.2.


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