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From Arieh Markel <>
Subject Re: More problems with migration to 3.2
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2000 23:51:38 GMT

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> Subject: Re: More problems with migration to 3.2
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> > Just to clarify what our application does:
> >
> >  . the working screen of the browser is composed of some 9 different
> >    frames
> That looks like a good test case.
> I do "ab" tests quite often, and it all requests seem to be
> served ( and return data).
> > What I see is that when launching servlets the warning of 'document
> > contained no data' is popped.
> One thing you can try is to add a log()/println in the
> HttpServletResponseAdapter, and maybe in ContextManager,
> at the flush() after the request is processed.

I performed the following instrumentation:

	service/http/HttpResponseAdapter: I added a flushBuffer() method
		on which I print the fact that I got there and invoke
		the superclass (Response) method.
		I also instrumented the doWrite() method to output the
		number of bytes being printed.
	core/ContextManager: I add print statement to indicate that
		request servicing had finished
What I found is the following:

. the ContextManager finished processing the request
. the Adapter flushBuffer method was never called.
. the Adapter doWrite() method was not called consistently (it was called
  to present the initial login screen, it was called to display the next
  page, it failed to be called when the output generated was dynamically
  generated by a servlet.
It is not clear to me that flush is done through the adapter.

As a remark, I would add that all writes are done through the servlet's


> It seems like a serious problem...
> Costin
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